About Us

Welcome to the Capital City Chapter of Muskies, Inc.

The Capital City Chapter of Muskies, Inc. (CCMI) is one of over 50 independent fishing clubs affiliated with Muskies, Inc. (MI), an international organization established for the purpose of promoting and improving the sport of muskie fishing.  CCMI is one of the largest MI chapters, with approximately 350 members, most of whom come from the immediate Madison, Wisconsin area, but many of whom live in other parts of the state and country. MI member services include a subscription to Muskie Magazine, a publication of Muskies, Inc., and access to Muskies, Inc.’s “Lunge Log,” an online fishing log for all MI members.Locally, CCMI members receive a monthly newsletter complete with up-to-date fishing information, contest updates, and information on club-organized outings, events, and other club activities.

In addition, CCMI offers many, many opportunities for members to increase their knowledge and skills to become better muskie anglers and to become involved in local activities and events. Monthly membership meetings, featuring expert speakers on the sport of muskie fishing, are held from September through May.  There are two summer “On-the-Water” meetings. A spring fishing seminar, which serves as a fundraiser for our stocking efforts, is held annually featuring a nationally known muskie expert.

Additionally, CCMI sponsors local outings, outings in northern Wisconsin, Iowa, and Canada, a youth tournament, a muskie school, and an Awards Ceremony meeting.  Members may also become involved in local projects and events, including numerous fishing contests.  CCMI is very proud of its close relationship with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Together, we work on a local stocking program and a stocking study which will have statewide implications. The stocking program has made the Madison area lakes a world-class muskie fishery.We invite you to our meetings and events.  They are great opportunities to meet other anglers who share a passion for muskie fishing, to learn, and to just have fun.


Newsletter Editor
Submissions due by the 15th of each month
Brett Cook
(608) 279-4160

Membership Chairperson
Paul Twardy

Release Contest Chairperson
Brian Falleck

At-Large Board of Directors
Name, Email & Term Expiration

Todd Berge – boogerb@yahoo.com – ’21
Hedy Burke – hedyannburke@gmail.com – ’21
Brett Cook – cookb@ixperts.com – ’21
Dawn Enger – send2dawn@charter.net – ’21
Tony Enger – dcsok9@charter.net – ’21
Greg Voss – mzkee52@gmail.com ’21
Paul Twardy – paulmarionpeter@gmail.com – ’21
Fred Schulze – fred.schulze63@gmail.com – ’20
Steve Soma – steve.soma@edwardjones.com – ’20
Richard Storch – richard@storchinternational.com – ’20
Brian Falleck – bdfalleck@gmail.com – ’20
Robbi Hron – rhron@amfam.com – ’20
Dustin Loveland – Loveland3006@gmail.com – ’20


Executive Directors

Winston Hopkins
(608) 577-3184
Fred Schulze
Tony Enger
Bob Baumgartner
(608) 320-6336
Chapter Rep to M.I.
Lee Bartolini
(608) 437-6177
Gary Hoffman
(608) 698-5388