CCMI Member Contests

Every year our chapter recognizes the efforts of members in a number of different categories. Prizes are awarded for each of these contests, but the emphasis is definitely on fun and camaraderie. Here is the summary of the various contests that you might be interested in.*** All of our contests require that muskies be entered in the Muskies Inc “Lunge Log” to qualify. Entries must be recorded within 30 days of the catch.

Release Contests: All members who register their catches are automatically entered in our CCMI chapter release contests. Prizes are awarded to the champion who earned the most points in the categories of Juniors, Womens, Mens, and Masters. There is also a special award category of Distinguished Master for any member who wins the Masters Division 3 times.

Reproduction Contest: Any muskie 45” or longer is eligible to be entered in the reproduction contest. Along with being entered in the Lunge Log within 30 days of the catch, a picture of the fish (or a witness statement) must be submitted to the Release Coordinator. The chapter awards payment for an artistic reproduction (graphite replicas, custom paintings, etc.) for one fish caught in Wisconsin and one fish caught outside of Wisconsin.

Hat Trick: Members are recognized each year for catching muskies from 3 different Dane County waters. There are additional prizes for a Silver Hat Trick (all 3 fish 40” or larger), Gold Hat Trick (all 3 fish 45” or larger, this level requires photos or witness statements) and for the Hat Trick Champion (hat trick with highest average length). Please note that the lake must be specified for each entry – “Madison Chain” is not an eligible lake name entry.

Lunker of the Month: The largest muskie released each month (minimum 45” long) is recognized as the “Lunker” for that month.  Any ties result in multiple awards being presented.

Special Awards: Individual awards are also presented to the Rookie of the Year (first year entering a muskie in the Lunge Log as an adult), the largest muskie, the largest hybrid/tiger muskie, the largest muskie from Dane County, and the largest muskie released by a junior member.  Any ties result in multiple awards being presented.

President’s Award:  Each year the CCMI President recognizes a member who has exhibited dedication and outstanding efforts towards our chapter.

CCMI Outing Champion Emblem:   Those members of Capital City Muskies Inc. who win First Place (Champion) in an approved CCMI Outing will receive a cloth emblem-patch. This emblem is in addition to any other plaques, trophies etc. that are approved by the Outing Coordinator.

Currently CCMI has sevenapproved Outings annually. They are as follows:  Iowa Hawg Hunt, Madison Chain Outing, Bill Wood Lake Winter Outing, PIT Tag Challenge, Lake of the Woods Outing, Vilas County Outing, and Fall Muskie Tournament.

For questions or comments on CCMI contests:  Carin Clark – ccmireleasechair@gmail.com

CCMI Release Contest Standings

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