Click Here to Adopt a Muskie today

COVID impacted everything in 2020-21, including Muskie stocking in the Madison chain. The DNR had no way of stocking and our club stepped up and funded 100% of the stocking efforts. Thank you to all our members for stepping up to get this done. We all know how important it is to the fishery to not miss a year class.
Fortunately, we had emergency funds set aside to foot the entire bill. This was approximately twice as expensive as normal. Typically, we stock 500 Leechers per year but last year was odd. We we’re not able to get any Leechers but did stock 1500 Wisconsin strain.
This put a considerable dent in our budget and one way to help build back our finances is our “Adopt a Muskie” program.

How You Can Help:

  • Adopt a Muskie for $20 or adopt 6 for $100.
  • You will receive a bucktail blade keychain with our CCMI logo and pit tag number of your fish. (These will be distributed after the stocking in October.)
  • Every year the DNR provides us (CCMI) a list of all the angler captured fish that had their pit tag scan.
  • If the fish you adopted gets scanned.. ..you win. (must be CCMI member to win, You can only win once in each category))
    • 30″- 34 7/8 = $20 payout
    • 35″ – 39 7/8 = $30 payout
    • 40″ – 44 7/8 = $50 payout 45″ – 49 7/8 = $100 payout
    • 50″+ = $250 payout
  • All proceeds are put directly towards Muskie stocking on the Madison Chain of Lakes. Let’s keep the future of Muskie fishing strong for years to come!

Click Here to Adopt a Muskie today